Skleróza Power of Steam Late evening ... Hangman Šediváčkův Long 2012 Deník Jana Münze Section 39


Welcome to Pixhektar, a personal photoblog of Antonin Kral.

About Me

I’m an enthusiastic photographer and this site is intended to be a simplistic place to put the best selection of my photos. Although I already have a personal site, I wanted to cherry-pick some photos, which I believe, are interesting for others as well.

If you like a photo, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail!

About Pixhektar

OK, so Pix means pixel, right? Hektar is a Czech version of hectare, so pixhektar is a hectare of pixels (which is by the way way more than pixar (ar is a Czech version of are)). Now, you can ask how many pixels are there. This question is hard because it depends on the resolutions. So lets do different math – How many 35mm film prints is needed for covering one hectare?

35mm film filed has dimensions 24.892mm by 18.669mm (0.980″ by 0.735″) which is 464.70875mm² (=0.00046470875m², by the way 1ha = 10000m² and 1 are = 100 m²). So if we ignore dimensions and just take are covered by one filed, we will need 21518855 film prints to cover 1ha. Resolution of latest full-frame from Canon (5D mark II) is 21MP, so we will end up with something like 451.9TP. Hmm, I guess, that I will never shoot so much pictures in my entire live.

Navigating the Site

Just in case you’re a bit confused as to what everything does, here’s a little site map.

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